Federico Lovato, a.k.a. Morgan While, is a composer and author born the 7th of February, 1991.

At the age of 15 he approaches to music production, listening to rappers like Mistaman, Bassi Maestro, ATPC, One Mic, he begins to write his first rap lyrics.


He spends most of his time studying on Logic Pro, Digital Audio Workstation, creating music. Together with his friend Andrea Lucania a.k.a. Tukaz they write many tracks which actually would have never be officially published even if played in gigs like the opening of a Bassi Maestro’s concert.

In the meanwhile, MW works with Edoardo Romano as audio engineer, recording many rap artists from the underground scene in Milan (Italy) like Jack the SmokerEmis KillahFedezAsher KunoBat and many others.

At the age of 19, after the achievement of producing an entire Electro House LP all by himself, he meets Luca Sven Macher, owner of the Routing Studio on the Lake of Lugano.


Together they work on the Stupeficium Project for several years.

Writing all the new tracks in english, MW is the main voice of all the Stupeficium’s tracks, and in the meanwhile he works as audio engineer in some venues and recording studios, he’s been the official Dj and Audio Engineer of the last tour of Pico Rama.


It’s in these years when he also meets Christian Carlino, a.k.a. DeLord, a very talented pianist from Bologna. With him, MW will compose the song “Non c’è niente da fare”, an inedit that will be out very soon.

Thanks to the collaboration with Mr.Macher, MW learns a lot about mixing techniques; they’ve also taken some mix and mastering lessons from Gigi Barocco, very well known Artist and Audio Engineer in the Electronic Dance Music Universe.


The “Stupeficium Project” has no limits in terms of genre and style: this is the concept that gave birth to tracks like “The King of the NowHere” and “Falling”, with a lot of other inedits that will be published in the next future.


Thanks to all of these works MW gets in touch with many talented musicians, this is when TJS ask him to get in their project (as producer/songwriter/guitarist/second voice/computer-player/dj);

as soon as they write their new inedit written and produced together: “#parapa”, they will be selected as one of the first 20 italian bands who partecipated at the semifinals of the Tour Music Fest.

In the same year begins his collaboration with Abacusweb, which manage and promote his current solist project named: “Morgan While”.